Single Origin and Single Estate Coffee

Example Sonora Estate form the Endless Summer

Coffee variety Obata

The Obata coffee variety was bred in Brazil and recently introduced in Costa Rica. It is a rare variety with a complex origin: the variety derives from Sarchimor and Mundo Novo. Mundo Novo is a cross between Bourbon and Typica. The plant is quite demanding in its nutrient requirements, but it achieves very high yields and is also resistant to coffee rust, which is why it is increasingly popular among coffee farmers. In terms of taste, the Obata variety is a pure and well-balanced coffee with a fine but pronounced acid profile, and thus impresses with exceptional flavor notes. The terroir of the volcanic soils in Costa Rica seems to have a particularly positive influence here.

Centroamericano coffee variety

The coffee variety Centroamericano is a hybrid of the first generation F1, resulting from a cross between the Ethiopian variety Rume Sudan and the rust-resistant variety T5296. The latter is mainly used for breeding and is less common on farms. is rarely seen in production. The Centroamericano variety was developed through a collaboration between the French research institute CIRAD and Promecafe, a network of national coffee institutes in Central America. Typically, F1 hybrid parents are chosen to be genetically distant from each other. The goal is to maximize hybrid vigor as a result. This is then reflected in high yields and overall robustness, with positive effects on cup quality.