Moka? Perkolator? oder Espressokocher?

Moka? Percolator? or Espresso maker?

A mocha maker, also known as a percolator or espresso maker, is an appliance for making coffee on a stovetop. It is particularly popular in Italy and is often used to prepare strong coffee for breakfast. The first mocha maker was manufactured and developed by Alfonso Bialetti in 1945. It was an octagonal model called "Moka Express". Nowadays, mocha kettles are usually made of stainless steel, which gives them a long durability.

A mocha kettle generally consists of a lower part, a funnel-shaped filter and an upper part with a spout. The bottom part is filled with water, while the coffee powder is placed in the funnel-shaped filter, which is then placed on the bottom part. The top part is screwed onto the bottom part and serves as a collection container for the brewed coffee. When the mocha maker is placed on a heat source and heated, the water in the bottom section evaporates. The resulting pressure pushes the hot water through the coffee powder in the filter. The brewed coffee then flows through a strainer at the bottom of the top section and rises up through a central tube. There it collects in the top for further use.

Espresso blends are best suited for a mocha maker. The grind of the coffee beans should be somewhat coarser than for the preparation of espresso with a machine that has a portafilter.

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