Meet the Team | Michal

How did you get into specialty coffee?
I come from a Polish coastal town on the border with Germany and started working there as a barista. After a while I moved to Szczecin to study and started working for a company selling Specialty Coffee and doing barista training for them.

When did you start working with specialty coffee?
About 13 years ago.

Describe your job at 19grams in one sentence, please.
I am the head roaster and green buyer.

Is there anything special about this industry that fascinates you?
Mainly how coffee growing countries are evolving and giving us more and more great coffees every year.

Is there one fact about coffee that blows your mind?
That even after 13 years of tasting different coffees from different growers, I'm still sometimes surprised at how good coffee can taste.

Can you remember the first time you tasted specialty coffee?
It was at a coffee festival in Poland in 2010.

What is your favorite coffee?

You're from Poland - is there a particular Polish roastery or coffee shop that you particularly like?
My favorite Polish coffee roastery is Heresy and my favorite cafes are probably Forum and Błysk in Warsaw.

Do you have a special morning coffee routine?
On weekends I sometimes make myself a batch brew, but during the week I tend to drink tea in the morning.

Are you looking forward to the Advent Calendar 2023? Will it be an exciting project to find 24 different coffees from 24 different manufacturers?
Absolutely. It will be great to find 24 different coffees for it!