Mit einer Waage zur besseren Kaffee Experience

A scale for a better coffee experience

The holy scale

While you're making your coffee, there are many aspects, like the quality of the coffee, the water, or the grinder, that make your cup of coffee taste really good. But you can also do a lot of things wrong so that it doesn't taste good. We show you how you can improve your skills with the help of a digital scale that will improve your coffee experience sustainably and permanently!

A scale helps you avoid mistakes so that you can focus on what's important. If you weigh your beans before each brew, you can better regulate other factors. Using a scale might add four seconds of extra effort, but save you from wondering why your coffee doesn't taste as good today as it did yesterday. Our four reasons for using a scale are:

1. Accuracy

Many people think that they can be accurate by just using a coffee spoon. This is unfortunately wrong! A tablespoon of whole coffee beans is not equal to a tablespoon of ground coffee beans. But 19g of whole coffee beans are always 19g of ground coffee beans. Different coffee beans also have different characteristics. One bean is small, another is slightly larger, the next weighs almost nothing, the other is relatively heavy. The age of the beans also plays a role here!

2. Consistency and repeatability

All of the above factors can result in your coffee today containing 10g of beans and tomorrow's containing 12g. That may not sound like much, but it's a 16% variance - and you can taste it! Your coffee is not balanced to your personal taste and may taste too sour or bitter. However, if you weigh out exactly 12g, this will not happen! And your cup of coffee will taste consistently good. It's also important to weigh out the water you use for your brew so that the ratio of water to coffee is always the same. There are some guidelines you can follow. The most common is: per one litre of water you need 60g of coffee. This also corresponds to our recommendation of 1g of coffee to 15-17g of water. Of course, this is not set in stone, but gives you a good indication. This way you have not only today (by chance) a delicious coffee, but also tomorrow!

3. Get more out of your bag of coffee

Especially with electric grinders, it's easy to end up grinding more than you actually need. If you weigh your beans beforehand, you'll only ever grind the amount you need at any given time. Without any surplus! This will also help you to plan how much coffee you use per month and when it's time for a fresh bag! If you know exactly what your coffee consumption is, then you can save yourself a lot of time with a Coffee Subscription.

4. Time to experiment

Once you've found a good brewing ratio, you can experiment better. You can better tune a new coffee to your taste. We do the same thing in our cafés. We even weigh each shot twice here. Once we weigh the ground coffee and once we weigh the resulting espresso shot, also called "yield." The recipe varies from variety to variety, but the scale helps us achieve repeatable results. Using a scale, each of our customers has the best possible experience with their cup of coffee.

Requirements for your coffee scale

Accurate measurement

There are also scales that measure 0.1g-0.5g accurately, but these are quite expensive and not available everywhere. For home use, a scale that measures in 1g increments is sufficient.

Fast display time

If you weigh your water directly during the brewing process, it's important that your scale responds quickly. Otherwise, you may already have 250g of water in the filter, even though you only wanted 200g. We love, for example, the scale from Acaia.

Enough space on the measuring field

To put a larger cup, a pot or a Chemex on it.

Tare function

Your scale needs a tare function so you can subtract the weight of your coffee maker. In addition, it should be able to weigh at least 1000g, better 2000g, precisely for the case when the very large French Press is brought out for a birthday.

Waterproof and easy to wipe

Your scale should be this, too. Sometimes things just go wrong, but that shouldn't affect the capabilities of your scale!

Happy Brewing!