Kaffa, the home city of coffee?

Kaffa, a historical province in Ethiopia, has a significant role in the world of coffee as the birthplace of Arabica coffee. The Kingdom of Kaffa, which was located in this region, played a crucial role in the creation of the term "coffee". In addition, Kaffa is known for its wild coffee species that is cultivated in the area.

Kaffa coffee originates from the fertile areas of southwestern Ethiopia, particularly from the province of Kaffa. The favourable climate, tropical vegetation and high altitude create ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. With a rich history in coffee production, Kaffa has perfected horticultural methods and successfully exported its coffee to various countries.

According to legend, Kaffa coffee was discovered by a shepherd who noticed the unusual behaviour of his goats after they ate coffee plants. The shepherd then tried the coffee himself and discovered its invigorating properties. Wild Kaffa coffee grows naturally in Ethiopian forests, while cultivated coffee requires careful farming practices, such as removing undergrowth and using methods like sun drying and gentle drum roasting.

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