Distribution Tool

Distribution Tool

The Espresso Distributer is a tool designed to help distribute the ground espresso as evenly as possible in the portafilter basket. By distributing the coffee evenly, channeling should be prevented and extraction improved. So that the taste of your espresso is consistently outstanding.

The depth of the distributor can usually be adjusted to fit the depth of the portafilter. The tool is used before the ground coffee is tamped.

The tool is a popular tool to use when the grinder is a bit lumpy. If you have a good grinder, you usually don't need a distribution tool.

Combination tools that have tamper and leveler in one work best.

The depth of the leveler is easy to adjust yourself using the turntables. Only a few quick turns of the portafilter are needed to get your coffee perfectly distributed. Now it just needs to be pressed with the tamper.

The espresso leveler is a proven tool that has a direct impact on the extraction and quality of your espresso.

A good tip from our trainers: wet coffee beans to reduce weight loss in the grinder's death chamber.