19grams Tasse mit frischen Filterkaffee

The effect of cup shapes

Coffee is a multifaceted beverage; the interplay of origin, cultivation altitude, variety, processing and roasting is highly complex, because every change in one of these variables affects the taste in the cup. Even cup shape has a Simple In this article, however, we'll take it a step further: we'll look at exactly what effect cup shape has on the taste of your coffee.

Normal (tulip-shaped)

This is the standard cup that many of us have at home. The classic U-shape may not score 100% on flavor balance, but it has other capabilities. It intensifies aromas, which is why this shape is typically used for coffees with a fruity character and medium acidity.


The cup with a wide base and a rim that narrows towards the top is perfect for coffees with low acidity, such as typical bourbons from El Salvador or Brazil coffees. The cone-shaped cup highlights earthy flavors as well as sweetness as the liquid enters the mouth in a narrow stream and hits the center of the tongue.

Wide opening

This cup has a wide belly and a wide opening at the top. This shape is intended for coffees with intense fruity and floral aromas, as well as slight acidity. The cup is especially popular with Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees. On the one hand, the aroma is enhanced when smelling the cup. On the other hand, the wide shape ensures that the liquid enters the mouth with a greater spread. Thus, the acidity can be perceived more clearly.