Kaffeetüte von vorne

The Coffee Bags

Our coffee bags contain slightly different information than the ones you might know from the supermarket. Why do we do this? Because we can! :)

Our coffee bags often contain more information about the respective lot than conventional coffee roasters offer.


We usually name the coffee after the name of the farm.

Producer, place and country

Here we tell you the farmer or producer, the

Growing altitude

This information is actually one of the most important:


Just as there are different varieties of apples, there are also different varieties of coffee. Each variety can have different fruits or characteristics. As well as sweetness or general cup profiles. It becomes especially exciting when a variety has a


By process, we mean the processing method used to process the green beans after harvest. Here there are the classic methods of Natural, Honey, and Washed, each of which removes different amounts of the pulp, thus imparting different sweetness and flavor intensity to the bean.