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The Coffee Plant

The coffee plant, scientifically known as Coffea, is a versatile and important contributor to the production of high quality coffee. It provides the seeds that serve as coffee beans and form the basis for all coffee. With over 124 species in this plant genus, Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta (originally Coffea canephora) have made a name for themselves in coffee preparation. In addition, there are five other species that are used for coffee production. Nowadays, the coffee plant is also known as a popular houseplant and with the right care you can even grow your own coffee beans.

The coffee plant belongs to the evergreen family of small trees or shrubs known as Rubiaceae. Originally from the tropical regions of Africa and Madagascar, it is cultivated as a useful plant in tropical and subtropical climates. In addition to its usefulness, the coffee plant also serves as an attractive pot plant and decorates windowsills as an indoor plant. Its white jasmine-scented flowers add to its charm. The plant's most valuable components are found in its fruit, the coffee cherries, where the precious seeds or coffee beans are found. As a rule, each coffee plant bears two seeds.

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