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The Coffee Grinder

While some coffee lovers use increasingly convenient coffee machines, others increasingly rely on handmade coffee. Here, the coffee grinder is a basic tool that can be used to grind the coffee powder as needed. In this way, aromatic coffee is created that is prepared by genuine handicraft. This not only tastes particularly good, but the degree of grinding can also be individually adjusted to one's own preferences. In contrast, filter coffee quickly loses its aroma as soon as the vacuum packaging is opened.

Of course, there are also modern technological solutions in the world of coffee grinders. In addition to manually operated grinders, electric models are now available that do not require physical strength to produce fine coffee powder. However, electric coffee grinders do not convey the nostalgic charm of the manual variants. In fact, hand-operated grinders are still manufactured because they not only look charming but also deliver convincing results thanks to their functional internal mechanics.

Not all coffee grinders are the same. The various models not only differ externally, but also work with different types of grinders. Three common types have become established: impact grinder, disc grinder and cone grinder. In addition, different materials are used for the grinders, with ceramic and steel being the most common. Ceramic is particularly hard and durable, while steel is very robust.

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