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Coffee preparation: an overview of dry preparation, semi-dry preparation and wet preparation

The preparation of coffee beans plays a crucial role in coffee production. It enables the coffee cherries to be preserved and has a significant influence on the taste of the coffee. There are three common methods of preparation: wet preparation, dry preparation and semi-dry preparation. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages as well as specific effects on the taste of the coffee.

The three coffee processing methods

Wet processing

Wet processing uses a lot of water. For this reason, wet processing is not suitable for every region or for large harvests. Wet processing must take place no later than 24 hours after harvesting:

The selected coffee beans are separated from the pulp with the help of water, so that only the mucilage layer and the parchment cover surround the bean. The coffee cherries are then placed in large tanks of water for fermentation. Fermentation is a natural process that takes place not only in the pulp but also inside the bean, improving its flavour.

The bean is then washed again so that the parchment cover also falls off and the pure bean can finally be dried.

Dry processing

In dry processing, too, the coffee cherries are first washed. They are then dried in the sun for two to three weeks. By repeatedly turning them, the flesh and skin gradually peel off. The remains of the mucilage layer and parchment skin are removed by machine.

Dry processing is inexpensive and natural. However, no fermentation takes place.

Semi-dry processing

Semi-dry processing is similar to dry processing. Here, the coarse pulp of the coffee cherry is removed by machine. The coffee beans are then dried together with the pulp. This type of processing is also called "pulped natural".

Ultimately, the choice of processing method influences the taste of the coffee. Whether you prefer a sour, fruity or spicy coffee depends on individual preferences.

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