Der Moccamaster Kaffeemaschine

The Moccamaster Coffee Machine

The Moccamaster is a coffee maker developed by Technivorm in 1968 to mimic the manual coffee brewing process and achieve perfect results. With over 130 parts, it has an aluminium body and a copper heating element that maintains the ideal brewing temperature. Water is evenly distributed through a 9-hole spout, onto which coffee grounds drip and filter into a glass or aluminium jug.

The Moccamaster is available in a variety of styles and offers models with a glass jug or thermos jug, including a smaller option for one to two cups. Prices are around 200 euros. These machines are characterised by their elegant design and are known for producing coffee that is reminiscent of hand-filtered coffee. To use the Moccamaster, you insert a paper filter, determine the amount of coffee based on the desired number of cups, add the ground coffee, fill the tank with water and start the brewing process. Regular descaling with a suitable descaler is recommended.

The Moccamaster impresses with its design, precise brewing temperature and ability to reproduce the taste of hand-filtered coffee. Its reputation is reinforced by positive reviews and its presence in prestigious places such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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