Caffè Corretto

The Caffè Corretto is an Italian espresso variant that is refined with high-quality schnapps. The name "Corretto" translates as "corrected" or "improved". Individual taste preference determines whether the alcoholic Corretto surpasses pure coffee enjoyment. Espresso and schnapps should be harmoniously matched so as not to distort the taste. The preparation of the Corretto offers two variants, in which either the schnapps or the sugar is added to the espresso cup first. In Italy, the corretto is usually drunk with grappa, while in other countries such as Germany cognac and in Switzerland plum brandy are preferred. There are numerous variations of the corretto, leaving room for individual preferences. Other countries like Spain serve similar drinks like the Café Carajillo with different spirits. The variety of spirits available opens up a wide range of flavours so that everyone can find their preferred combination.

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