Kapseln mit Kapselnmaschine von 19grams

Cialde or Coffee pods

Cialde, also known as coffee pods or capsules, are individually packaged portions of coffee in filter paper. They are designed for single use, for example to prepare a cup of espresso or cappuccino, and usually contain about 7g of roasted and ground coffee. The individual packaging ensures freshness and quality by protecting the coffee in a controlled atmosphere. Originally developed by illy caffè as part of the E.S.E. system, Cialde are compatible with certain portafilter machines but have variations for different systems with different dimensions and extraction pressures.

Using Cialde to prepare coffee offers several advantages. Each portion contains the right amount of coffee and is ready to use immediately, making the process quick and easy. The pre-packaged form ensures hygiene and avoids handling ground coffee, which increases cleanliness. Cialde also offer consistent quality as the sealed packaging preserves the aroma of the coffee, similar to freshly ground coffee. In addition, consumers have a wide choice of coffee brands and machines to choose from when using Cialde.

Compared to coffee capsules, cialde have the added advantage of being more environmentally friendly. They consist of coffee grounds and filter paper and are fully compostable. While both coffee pods and capsules offer convenient and quick preparation of coffee specialities, cialde stand out for their sustainability.

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