19grams Pura Vida Organic Coffee Beans

Organic Coffee

Today, more and more coffee lovers are opting for organic coffee, enjoying not only an exceptional taste but also a soothed conscience. Organic coffee, which is grown according to strict ecological standards, is characterised by a mild spiciness and a fine acidity. It comes from renowned growing countries such as Peru, El Salvador and Honduras, where it is cultivated in strict compliance with the EC Organic Regulation. By growing organic coffee, everyone involved benefits: the farmers receive adequate remuneration, while the connoisseurs experience a distinctive aroma.

The term "organic coffee" alone conveys a positive idea. Yet many people do not know exactly what is behind this designation. Organic coffee not only stands for high quality, but also for a pioneering approach to the future. Cultivation is done in a way that is gentle on nature, in strict compliance with guidelines. The coffee farmers use only natural fertiliser and strictly avoid the use of pesticides. Instead, they rely on beneficial insects to control pests. This conserves natural resources and preserves biodiversity. The soil thanks them with lasting fertility.

Poor working conditions and inadequate pay have severely tarnished the reputation of the coffee industry. Buyers who choose organic coffee help ensure fair wages and good working conditions. Organic farmers do not come into contact with harmful chemicals and aggressive pesticides. They receive a fair payment and deliver a natural coffee to their customers. The high quality of organic coffee also benefits consumers. Since organic coffee does not come into contact with chemicals, it convinces with its mild and natural taste.

The great variety of seals and awards can make it difficult to keep track. But with organic coffee this is comparatively easy: the German and European organic seals are easily recognisable. These seals stand for strict organic guidelines and guarantee controlled products from organic farming. The German and European organic seals require compliance with the provisions of the EC Organic Regulation. These specifications are extremely strict and ensure that the coffee tastes even better. Organic coffee is a daily pleasure that can be experienced and relied upon.

Organic coffee convinces with its unique taste. Unlike conventional varieties, organic coffee is gently roasted to preserve the high quality of the raw beans. Conventional coffee from the supermarket is often roasted too hot and too fast, which leads to burning and a bitter taste. With organic coffee, the bitter fruit acids are broken down by a long and gentle roasting process. The quality of organic coffee is already visible to the naked eye: the beans have a uniform colour and roasting pattern. Each bean resembles the other and promises an unmistakable aroma.

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