Anbauhöhe Kenia


The cultivation height is usually indicated on the coffee bag. It is probably one of the most important values, because they give good information about the quality of the coffee.

What does it mean exactly?

The cultivation altitude is an indicator of the quality of the coffee. At higher altitudes, coffee plants are exposed to a different climate. The usually lower temperatures between 15-25°C ensure slower growth or slow down the ripening process of the coffee cherry. Since the ripening process is related to the development of sugars, the slower ripening leads to the formation of a more complex flavor profile and higher acidity.

What's high?

When I read on a coffee bag, 1,200 meters above sea level, that's a solid value, though far from really high. The highest altitudes at which coffees are grown that we have on the shelf are about 2,100 meters. By comparison, Mount Everest is 8,800 meters high. So, there would still be room to go up. In the picture you can see Mount Kenya, which makes it to just under 5,200 meters. Here, in the lower foothills at about 2,000 meters, outstanding coffees are grown. So you can say the higher the better.