Café Cortado is a Spanish coffee drink. How Café Cortado is prepared varies depending on the region. However, the basic recipe is always very similar: a traditional espresso blended with sweetened condensed milk and frothed milk. In Germany, the Café Cortado is rarely found on the menu, but it is a great drink for in between meals, or the breakfast croissant. Cortado coffee, as we prepare it in our cafés, is somewhere between an espresso macchiato and a cappuccino in terms of taste.

Our Cortado is made exclusively with coffee and frothed milk. Unlike the cappuccino, the cortado is served in a glass that has a smaller capacity than the cappuccino cup. It therefore contains less milk and is therefore slightly stronger than a cappuccino.

A cortado made exclusively with coffee and frothed milk is also called "cortado natural". A very popular variant of the cortado is the "cortado leche y leche". Here, before further preparation begins, sweetened condensed milk is first poured into the glass. This is where it gets its name, which translates as "cut milk". In fact, with the condensed milk, you get several layers. Our India Little Flower Espresso is perfect for the preparation. Its sweet, nutty notes of hazelnut and cocoa come out particularly well in combination with frothed milk. We look forward to you trying a Cortado on your next visit to our cafés. We're sure you'll find it as delicious as we do.

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