Single-Use Filter Coffee Dripper - Don Martin Geisha Enano
3,20 €

The must-have in your survival pack for the (urban) jungle: Just moved into your apartment and forgot in which box your brewing equipment is? Or no equipment at home? And you still want the best coffee in your cup? With our single use coffee drippers, you can easily brew a cup of coffee no matter where you are: Easy in the hotel, on the road with the tent, on the bike or even at home.

The 19grams Single Use Drippers come in different varieties - try them all now!

Don Martin Geisha Enano

Its complex flavor profile is enhanced by the special preparation process developed by farmer Don Martin himself: "777 Double Fermentation" (we affectionately call it 'Jackpot Coffee') is a combination of aerobic and anaerobic fermentation. This method takes into account the brix levels in the coffee honey and the ph of the juice and leachate produced during anaerobic fermentation.

The coffee captivates in the cup with very sweet notes of strawberries that are perfectly balanced by aromas of ripe citrus, as well as lingering floral notes in the finish. The fruit notes continue to develop and become more present as the coffee cools. Our roasters have rated Geisha Enano with over 90 points on the SCA score. It is the best coffee that we bring from Costa Rica to Berlin for you this year. A real jackpot!

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