Santa Cecilia Geisha Capsules

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Finally also in a capsule: The flavor profile of Santa Cecilia Geisha coffee is significantly influenced by 72 hours of anaerobic fermentation. Fruity notes of mango, passion fruit and ripe blueberry are the result. Even better, the capsules fit in your Nespresso capsule machine!

About the coffee

Santa Cecília Geisha comes from Brazil from the Santa Cecília farm. Spanning over 1750 hectares, there are many different cultivation areas used by the Veloso family for constant experimentation to discover new varieties, as well as exciting fermentation and drying methods.
The processing method of this coffee is anaerobic fermentation. The cherries are first de-pulped and then processed in a completely sealed, low-oxygen fermentation vessel. The pressure forces the juicy flavors of the mucilage into the beans, creating an expressive flavor profile. The environment must be kept cool as heat is generated during fermentation. After 72 hours, the process is complete and the beans can be dried.
In Santa Cecília Geisha, the fruity flavors of juicy mango dominate, accompanied by tangy passion fruit with soft notes of ripe blueberry.

About the farm

Brazilian Geisha coffee Santa Cecilia was grown on the family estate of Pedro Veloso. He is a third generation coffee producer. His family has been producing coffee in this privileged area for over 160 years. For the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba, his activities are of great importance.
This is due, among other things, to the fact that it is a very advanced estate with a high yield capacity: It is irrigated by a drip system with water intake from dams and reservoirs, and has its own administration, workshop and quality laboratory. Pedro Veloso lives on site himself and structures his daily routine according to what happens on each farm. He spends his early mornings visiting the farms and overseeing harvesting and processing. Later in the day, he takes care of business by going to the trading room in Carmo, where he personally handles calls with international customers.

Was du über diesen Kaffee wissen solltest

Kaffee aus Brasilien

Eingeführt wurde Kaffee im Jahr 1727 von Französisch-Guayana. Brasilien zählt zu den fortschrittlichsten Kaffeeanbauländern der Welt und ist auf Platz 1 der Kaffeeproduzenten mit ca. 30% Marktanteil. Guter Brasilianischer Kaffee besitzt eine leichte Säure, einen eher schweren Körper und ist gekrönt mit süßen schokoladigen und nussigen Geschmacksnoten.

pods machine

empfohlenes Brühverhältnis: Wir empfehlen in deiner Nespresso Maschine die Lungo-Taste.


Charakter: Ein fruchtiger Geisha Kaffee aus Brasilien, spannendes Geschmacksexperiment durch Fermentierung.

Über den Kaffee

Varietät: Geisha

Verarbeitung: 72h anaerobe Fermentierung

Anbauhöhe: 1100 m üNN

Düngemethode: biologisch

Erntejahr: 2020

Erntezeit: Mai - Sept

Ort der Verarbeitung: auf der Farm

Trocknungszeit: 2 Wochen

Über die Farm

Farm: Santa Cecilia

Ort: Minas Gerais

Kaffeefarmer: Pedro Veloso

Betreiberform: Familiengeführte Farm

Farmgröße: 1750 Ha

Alter der Farm: 160 Jahre

über die Farm: Santa Cecilia - eine große Kaffeefarm in der dritten Generation in Carmo do Paranaíba.

Zusammenarbeit: neuer Partner

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