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La Granada - Colombia Filter

Caramel, Passionfruit, Orange Blossom
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    La Granada 96h is a funky filter coffee that plays all the hits of Bourbon coffees. In the cup, we taste chocolate, spices and a fruity note of passionfruit, all with a syrupy mouthfeel. 

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    Bloody Good Coffee

    - SINCE 2002

    Key info

    Caramel, Passionfruit, Orange Blossom

    Cupping score: 88
    Sweetness: orange juice
    Acidity: citrus and bright
    Aftertaste: lingering and sparkkling

    Variety: Pink Bourbon Lot #1
    Processing: 96h extended fermentation washed
    Harvest Year: 2021
    Drying Time: 15 - 20 days

    Suggested brew recipe:
    16g coffee, 250g water, medium grind size, in about 2:30 min brew time.

    About the coffee

    Gabriel Castaño was the first farmer to grow the Pink Bourbon coffee variety on his La Granada finca in Colombia. The colourful variety is relatively rare because the gene that controls colour in the ripe cherry is double recessive. This means that if there are red, orange or yellow bourbon plants nearby and they pollinate each other, the pink colour is lost, as are the bourbon characteristics.

    In the harvesting process, the coffee cherries are carefully hand-selected for ripeness. In an extended fermentation, the cherries are weighed and then fermented in tanks for 96 hours. The beans are then washed and dried for 15 days. The result is an exquisite array of aromas with impressive flavours of chocolate cake, baking spices and passionfruit.

    Map Huila Colombia

    The Farm | Finca La Granada

    Gabriel Castaño was made famous by discovering and cultivating the pink bourbon variety in this region

    long-standing partner
    Gabriel Castaño Buendía
    Type of Farm:
    Family-run farm

    Country, Region: CO, Huila
    1620 masl
    Soil type: fertile soils
    Fertilisation method: organic
    Shadow Type: shade-grown
    Processing location:
    on the farm
    Number of varieties: various
    Harvest season:
    Oct - Dec / Apr - May

    Bloody Good Filter

    Coffee is a fruit which is naturally acidic and contains many sugars. We roast our filter coffees to bring out this acidity and develop the natural sweetness.

    In developing a profile for a filter roast, our roasting team takes a light-handed approach, roasting much more gently than in an espresso roast. Here, the aim is to respect and highlight the natural flavours of the coffee itself, and to let its terroir shine through.

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