Curated Coffee Subscription - Christmas Edition

Your perfect Christmas gift comes three times this year with very special coffees. Our roasting team has put together a curated coffee subscription for Christmas for you - to give away. 3 x 250g, with each delivery two very special coffees on a particular theme.

This Christmas you'll get not one, but three gifts from a loved one. Inside is something that will really make your mouth water... But we don't want to spoil the surprise too soon. To extend the good times into the new year, you'll get the last two gifts sent from us in mid-January and February.

With 19grams' curated Specialty Coffee subscription: 3 themes - 6 exceptional single origin coffees as a filter roast - V60 basic kit included. So you can get started right away.

Two exceptional coffee flavour profiles from the Geisha variety from Colombia and Costa Rica, created by fermentation experiments, are the first to be presented. Followed by two low-caf varieties from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. In February, we will surprise you with two more exciting coffees. Order now!

I. Selection | December | Geisha Coffees
The Coffee Community's fascination with Geisha coffee continues unabated! We have found two great lots of this originally African variety from Colombia and Costa Rica. Discover El Paraiso Lychee and Don Martin Dwarf Geisha GEN from Costa Rica, and taste the limits of fermentation.

II. Selection | January | Low-Caf

A discovery of the last few years are the Low-Caf varieties: they naturally contain very little caffeine and are therefore particularly digestible. They are gently invigorating and taste unbelievably much better than ordinary Decaf coffees. This variety naturally contains only about 1.3 - 1.7 % caffeine (in comparison: Decaf: > 0.1| Arabica coffee: 2.4 - 2.6 % | Robusta coffee: approx. 3.4 %) We present the Laurina variety from two different countries. Two exciting and delicious lots found from Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

III. Selection | February | SURPRISE

We are currently in talks with our partners in Origin to find an exceptional lot for you. Stay tuned! It will be extraordinary!

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