Pod Advent Calendar

€45,80 / kg

1 Person (1 Kapsel täglich)

For the first time, the limited 19grams coffee advent calendar is also available in the nespresso®-compatible capsule!

Start the most delicious Advent ever and look forward to 24 excellent single origin coffees in the Nespresso®-compatible capsule. Once again this year, our roasters have taken special care to put together an exciting overview of the world's best coffees: 24 days - 24 Origins - 24 different farms - 24 unique Arabica coffees! The perfect gift for fragrant lovers - especially for Specialty Coffee beginners!

The capsule version is ideal for making coffee in your Nespresso® capsule machine. A perfect espresso at the touch of a button! Available for one or two Frahling lovers, with one capsule a day or optionally 2.

For each coffee, there is exciting background information about their origin and processing on our Advent Calendar website. You'll also find a short aroma and flavour description for the roasted coffees.

LIMITED: The Advent Calendar is only available in limited quantities, so get yours now!

Get the most out of your advent calendar!

Exclusive to the calendar is a coffee advent calendar website where you can find new information, videos, recipes and exciting stories about the coffees, the farms, the roasting process and our roastery every day. Our head roaster Anthony will brew each coffee with you in the morning and tell you why he chose it for this year's advent calendar.

Sign up now for our daily advent calendar update and receive exclusive background information directly in your inbox. You'll become an absolute coffee pro along the way!

We can only produce a certain amount of advent calendars, so get yours fast!


Coffee from 19grams!

If you look at the location of the coffee-growing regions, they extend as a broad coffee belt around the equator. Harvest times in these areas are based on the position of the sun and move from north to south throughout the year. In coffee-growing regions north of the equator, such as Costa Rica, India and Ethiopia, the main coffee harvesting season is between September and December. In coffee-growing countries south of the equator, such as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, harvesting usually begins in April or May and can last until August. Exceptions are countries like Ecuador, Colombia or Rwanda and Kenya. These growing regions are located directly on the equator and, at the right altitudes, can produce coffee all year round.


The 19grams Roasting Style

Rich, clear in flavour and retaining the sweetness of the coffee cherry. That is the maxim under which we roast. We are always on the lookout for new coffees from all over the world and we are always discovering new coffee farms, but we also keep coming back to our long-time partners and friends. It helps that we are judges in the Cup of Excellence initiative, tasting the truly best coffees in different growing regions every year, but the work doesn't stop there. After selecting the samples, we start with the so-called blind roasting, in which we compare very small quantities at different temperatures and for different durations. Here, many coffees already fall out, but even with our favourites, there is still a lot of testing and tasting to do until we have found a roasting profile that meets our standards of richness, clarity and sweetness.

Recommended brewing ratio

Wir empfehlen die Zubereitung als Lungo - mit 110ml Wasser.

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