Italo Disco Pods
Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry Jam

€70,83 / kg

15 pcs /bag

Perfect espresso for pods

We roasted our Italo Disco Espresso a little darker, with the taste of your last Italian vacation! Due to the peaberries of the Yellow Bourbon variety from Brazil, we taste excellent notes notes of caramel, cherry and dark chocolate. Now also for your pod machine.

Specialty coffee and pods don't go together? We think they do!

The goal was to roast an uncomplicated coffee that unfolds the best taste at the touch of a button.

The Italo Disco is an espresso stands in the best sense for this type of espresso enjoyment. It is reminiscent of the Italian roasts of the 80s and 90s and lingers a minute longer in the roasting drum. The result is a 100% Arabica from the Fazenda Sertão in Brazil that comes across surprisingly clear and fine with a powerful punch of dark chocolate, paired with subtle fruity aromas of cherry jam and caramel.

About the farm

The beans of Italo Disco are a Yellow Bourbon variety from Brazil. They come from the Fazenda Sertão and are therefore special because they bring all the flavor of the Peaberry to the cup. The Fazenda Sertão is located in Carmo de Minas. José Isidro Pereira was born into a first generation coffee family. His family has been growing coffee in the area since the plant was cultivated in the region. Today, his wife Nazareth manages the business. The farm is located about 1000 meters above Carmo de Minas and has an average temperature of 18°C. The coffee plants grow on the upper slopes of the mountains with a slope of 50%. This is important so that the plants are not damaged by frost and can ripen more evenly. Also, this helps against fungal attack and ensures consistently good cup quality.

So now we have an excellent espresso that truly deserves the name Specialty Coffee, yet has a broader application. Have fun trying it!


Coffee from Brazil

Coffee was introduced in 1727 by French Guiana. Brazil is one of the most advanced coffee growing countries in the world and is the number one coffee producer with about 30% market share. Good Brazilian coffee has a light acidity, a rather heavy body and is topped with sweet chocolaty and nutty flavors.


Suited for

Recommended brewing ratio

We recommend using the lungo option on your Nespresso machine.

Flavour notes

Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Cherry Jam

Dark Chocolate


Cherry Jam


Eine klassisch, dunkle Espressoröstung mit dem Geschmack deines Italienurlaubs!

About the coffee

Variety: Catuaí PB

Processing: Natural

Altitude: 1.100 masl

Fertilizing method: biologic

Harvest year: 2020

Harvest time: May - Sept

Soil type: fertile soils

Processing place: on the farm

Drying time: 2 weeks

About the farm

Farm: Santa Cecilia

Location: Carmo de Minas

Coffee farmer: Pedro Humberto Veloso

Form of Operation: family owned farm

Farm size: 1.750 ha

Age of farm: 160 years

About the farm: Santa Cecilia - a big coffee farm in third generation in Carmo do Paranaíba.

Cooperation: new partner

bloody good pods

Bloody Good Pods

Specialty Coffee und Vollautomaten gehen nicht zusammen? Wir finden, das stimmt nicht. Wir haben in den letzten Jahren eine kontinuierliche Leistungssteigerung bei Vollautomaten gesehen, und uns entschieden, die Herausforderung anzunehmen: wir haben einen richtig guten Specialty Espresso für Vollautomaten entwickelt. Korrekt eingestellt ist der Vollautomat ist eine zuverlässige und konsistente Zubereitungsmethode. Für die kurze Kontaktzeit von Wasser und Kaffeepulver eignen sich hellere Espressoröstungen - wie sie im Specialty Coffee üblich sind - nicht. Mit einer klassischen, dunkleren Röstung - wie dieser hier - kannst du die volle Aromenvielfalt genießen!

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