Hario V60 Porcelain Filter


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This white hand porcelain filter is optimal for 1-3 coffee cups. The advanced design and high quality porcelain ensure the enjoyment of a perfect filter coffee.

The Hario hand filter is designed for 1-3 cups of coffee. The conical shape looks great and allows coffee to develop its full aroma optimally. The Hario hand filter is a further development of the Melitta filter. Instead of several small holes at the bottom, it has a larger opening, which ensures that the water is not backed up and the coffee is not over-extracted and thus bitter.

V60 stands for the perfect 60° angle of inclination so that the water can flow optimally through the ground coffee without channeling. For this reason, the filter opening has also been enlarged. The Hario filter is made of high quality porcelain. Porcelain is known as a tasteless material, thus the coffee aroma is not distorted. The white Hario V60 ceramic filter is dishwasher safe.

The Hario V60 ceramic filter is available in two sizes.