Giro d'Italia Espresso von 8000watt und Rick Zabel
12,50 €

50,00 € / kg

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Perfectly prepared for the Giro d'Italia we are with 8000Watt legs and a great espresso Doppio. With both Rick Zabel has erwattnert in 2020 the mountain jersey.

This year, almost 50,000 meters of altitude await us on 3,450 km. And that's exactly why all Wattners* need a special Giro d'Italia Espresso roast.

As always, 100% Arabica, 100% directly traded and 100% roasted with love. In Brazil, at 1100 meters, we found a coffee from Pedro Humberto Veloso, a flavor grenade that tastes like blueberry pie, chocolate and the finest plum and peach sauce.

8000watt & Rick wish you a good trip!

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espresso 19grams

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