Single-Use Filter Coffee Dripper - Italo Disco
Dunkle Schokolade, Karamell, Kirschmarmelade

€100,00 / kg

The must-have in your survival pack for the (urban) jungle: Just new in your apartment and forgot in which box your brewing equipment is? Or no equipment at home at all? And you still want the best coffee in your cup? With our disposable coffee drippers, you can easily brew a cup of coffee wherever you are: easy in the hotel, on the road with the tent, on the bike or even at home.

The beans of Italo Disco are a Catuaí variety from Brazil. They come from the Santa Cecilia farm and are special because they bring all the flavor of the peaberry to the cup.

About the farm

Brazilian Geisha coffee Santa Cecilia was grown on the family estate of Pedro Veloso. He is a third generation coffee producer. His family has been producing coffee in this privileged area for over 160 years. For the municipality of Carmo do Paranaíba, his activities are of great importance.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that it is a very advanced estate with a high yield capacity: It is irrigated by a drip system with water intake from dams and reservoirs and has its own administration, workshop and quality laboratory. Pedro Veloso lives on site himself and structures his daily routine according to what happens on each farm. He spends his early mornings visiting the farms and overseeing harvesting and processing. Later in the day, he takes care of business by going to the trading room in Carmo, where he personally handles calls with international customers.

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