Sonora SL28 - Costa Rica Espresso
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Macadamia, Caramel, Raspberry
16,90 €

67,60 € / kg

250gIn the set: SL28 + Villalobos
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An exceptional complex flavor profile consisting of macadamia, caramel fudge and raspberry with a very high quality: an SL28 espresso from Costa Rica by Diego Guardia, Hacienda Sonora.

About the coffee

The SL variety was brought to Kenya for cultivation by Scottish and French missions between 1934 and 1963, where it was developed by the Scott Laboratories research organization - hence the name SL. There are several varieties, mostly based on Moka and Bourbon types.

The cherries were processed naturally. This type of processing is particularly environmentally friendly because, for example, unlike the washed method, it uses very little water.

After harvesting, they are slowly dried in the sun so that all the sweetness of the ripe cherry can be absorbed. After about 10-12 days of drying, the cherries are plumped - the dry skin separated from the beans - and stored for a few more days. The resting period must be done at a certain temperature so that the beans reach a certain level of moisture.

About the farm

Diego Guadìas and his Hacienda Sonora are a well-established team. He has been growing coffee for more than 50 years, with the support of his family. The farm is located on the fertile foothills of the famous Poas Volcano in the West Valley, Costa Rica. It is more than a hundred years old, and the Guardìas have been growing coffee for generations. On about 100 hectares, more than 20 different varieties are cultivated - partly in the protected forest.

The coffee trees ripen excellently under the protective roof of the shady trees: they receive enough moisture to develop optimally. As a source of energy for the entire finca, a Pelton turbine is used, which is driven by the water power of a stream. This raging, beautiful body of water supplies the entire finca with '100% Green Energy'.

The Guardìas love to experiment with coffee varieties and processing methods.

During the processing of the beans, great care is taken to protect the environment and especially the rainforest that surrounds them.

Our partnership with the Guardìas is an asset to our coffee range and we are very happy to have them on board!

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