Decaf Pods
Haselnuss, Schokolade, Passionsfrucht

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Our decaffeinated espresso from Colombia was naturally decaffeinated with the Sugar Cane method. Without the use of dichloromethane. A full, fruity sweet espresso, and you don't even notice its Decaf attitude! Now in the pods for your Nespresso machine!

About the coffee

With our decaf coffee from Huila, Colombia, we bring a great decaf to your cup. A mild coffee with notes of hazelnut, chocolate, and passion fruit - you'll experience it all with Decaf in your cup, all without caffeine.

Arabica beans are grown at four different growing areas in the south of Huila Province at altitudes of up to 1,900 meters. It is a single origin blend: a harmonious interplay of the Castillo, Caturra, Colombia and Bourbon varieties is revealed in a coffee blend of the highest quality. The exciting flavor profile is intensified by the further processing steps of the coffee cherries.
Lavado means washed in Spanish and refers to the gentle wet process method used to process the beans. The beans are then sprayed with steam, which opens fine pores. With the help of a natural solvent, ethyl acetate, which consists partly of vinegar and partly of natural extracts of sugar cane, the caffeine is now removed. This not only sounds sweet, but also tastes like it! The careful processing gives our Decaf its fruity-sweet aroma.

About the farm

Our four growing partners from the Colombian communities of Acevedo, Palestina, Pitalito and Timana are not only pioneers in the field of high quality coffee. They are also among the pioneros - pioneers - who make it their business to experiment with revolutionary aromas and flavors using new processing methods. Head of Quality Jayson Galvis emphasizes the ambition that coffee should offer consumers a taste experience even without caffeine.

Was du über diesen Kaffee wissen solltest

Kaffee aus Colombia

Kaffee kam das erste Mal im Jahr 1732 nach Kolumbien. Seitdem ist die Bekanntheit kolumbianischer Kaffees stark gewachsen, vor allem dank der Symbolfigur des Farmers Juan Valdez. Kolumbianische Kaffees weisen eine große Vielfalt an Geschmacksnoten auf, die von Region zu Region variieren. Sie reichen von schweren Körpern mit schokoladigen Noten bis hin zu leichten Körpern mit einem fruchtigen süßlichen Tassenprofil.



Haselnuss, Schokolade, Passionsfrucht





Eine süße Tasse mit Noten von Haselnuss, Schokolade und Passionsfrucht.

Über den Kaffee

Varietät: Single Origin Blend

Verarbeitung: Washed

Anbauhöhe: 1.900 m üNN

Ort der Verarbeitung: auf der Farm


Bloody Good

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