Comandante Coffee Grinder
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The Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Grinder is German precision engineering at its best. Bernd Braune refined the geometry and structure of the Nitro Blade Grinder to achieve a particle distribution perfect for brewing freshly ground Specialty Arabica beans. This grinder is state of the art. We promise that you will never want to use another hand grinder once you start using the Comandante.

  • Advanced stainless steel grinding cones
  • Double-sharpened for precision and endurance
  • Double ball bearing for easy and fast grinding
  • Includes an additional glass container for storing ground coffee
  • Great customer service and quick problem resolution, should they ever occur
  • Capacity for about 40g of coffee beans


Making a nitro blade is a serious engineering task that requires special tools and machines, excellent workmanship and a lot of experience. Martensitic steel with high nitrogen content is extremely difficult to work with, but it is worth it: once finished, it is wear-resistant and has a high level of resistance. Comandante are absolute leaders in their field.

Bloody Good Equipment

Zur Zubereitung von Kaffee brauchst du nicht nur den besten Kaffee und gutes Wasser, sondern auch das Zubehör, das dir erlaubt konsistent guten Kaffee zuzubereiten. Wir empfehlen dir, in gutes Equipment zu investieren und es gut zu pflegen, damit es dir lange erhalten bleibt.Du wirst den besten Kaffee zubereiten, wenn du weißt, wie du dein Equipment richtig verwendest. Also schau doch mal bei unseren Brewguides vorbei. So wird dein täglicher Brew zum schönsten Ritual. Happy Brewing!

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