Roaster's Choice - Espresso

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Roasters Choice - Espresso Coffee Club

Our Coffee Subscription that suits you exactly! Choose the delivery rhythm, the amount of coffee, and your favorite roast. In our Espresso Club, our roasting team will choose a new coffee for you every month.

What are you waiting for? Freshly roasted coffee from the best growing regions around the world delivered to your door. Free shipping from the second delivery!


Frequently asked questions about our subscription

Which coffee do I get?
The coffees for our Coffee Club are selected by our roasting team every month. So you can taste your way through different countries and flavor profiles and discover your personal favorites.

Do I need a customer account for the Coffee Subscription?
Yes, for the subscription you need a customer account, but do not worry, this is created very quickly!

I have just signed up for the subscription. When do I get the first delivery?
Yay! Your first coffee will arrive on the next preferred selected delivery day. For example, if you selected Wednesday, your first coffee will arrive next Wednesday!

I'm on vacation. Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, in the customer profile you can also send your subscription on vacation, skip a delivery and resume when you are back!

Can I also choose the coffee for the subscription itself?
Yes, you can do that, for this you simply have to select "Your Choice" in the type of subscription. Have fun browsing in our coffee world!

Can I get my Coffee Subscription abroad?
At the moment, the subscription is unfortunately only possible in Germany.

Is there a minimum term?
No, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I cancel my Coffee Subscription?
You can cancel the subscription at any time either through your customer profile or with an email to - we will miss you.

Bloody Good Coffee

In der Tendenz wird der Espresso bei leicht höheren Temperaturen und Verweilzeit geröstet, um die Säuren zu reduzieren. Der Filterkaffee ist ein bisschen schneller und bekommt weniger Hitze, um die süßen Komponenten hervorzuheben und die Bohne ein bisschen löslicher zu machen. Für alle Kaffees aber gilt, dass wir uns die Zeit nehmen, die es braucht, um aus der grünen Rohware das beste Kaffeeprodukt zu machen.Wir rösten auf unserem Probat UG22 immer maximale Mengen von 22 Kilo, sodass wir stets genaue Kontrolle über das Ergebnis behalten.

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