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9. December | Kawo Farm - Ethiopia Capsule

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Fruity-exciting Heirloom from Ethiopia with flavour notes of peach, jasmine and blueberry.

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1:2, 19gr coffee grounds for 40gr Espresso yield, brewing time: 30-35 secs.

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About the coffee

This natural, fruity forest coffee with a floral body is hand harvested at Kawo Kamina Farm. Located in the Sheka appellation, not far from Kaffa, Ethiopia, and its forest reserve, the area features rich vegetation with a wide variety of tree species.

Helena Georgalis from Moplaco took over the farm two years ago and is now working hard to produce exceptional qualities.

The cherries are carefully picked by hand and then spread out to dry evenly on the 45 African beds installed by Moplaco. According to the Tepi Research Center, the coffee produced here is of the 74110 variety.

About the farm

Kawo Kamina Farm is located at an altitude of about 2,000 meters and is surrounded by a dense vegetation cover that provides optimal shade and ensures high quality coffee production. The estate near the village of Kawo extends over 150 hectares in the Sheka appellation. It has been in existence for 7 years. Helena Georgalis took over the management just over two years ago, and this is her first harvest. Helena has extensive experience in the Ethiopian coffee sector and with this farm she has further developed her expertise by becoming a producer herself. It was brave of her to take on such a challenge, especially in such a remote, difficult-to-access forest.

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