4. December | Paraiso II - Brasillian Filter



A sweet Espresso from Brazil - natural the natural way.

Recommended brewing ratio

1:2, 19gr coffee for 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 seconds.

Coffee from Brasilien

We have roasted this lot of the yellow bourbon variety into a wonderfully full-bodied espresso. With sweet notes of ripe plums, chocolate fudge and blueberries.

About the Coffee

The beans for our Paraiso II come from Minas Gerais, Brazil's most popular coffee-growing region. Every second coffee cherry grows in this region. This region is especially popular for growing Specialty Coffee because the conditions here are very favorable. High rainfall, volcanic soils and consistent temperatures ensure excellent bean and cup quality.

The coffee bushes for our Paraiso II grow at about 1100m above sea level. Only after about four years they bear the first fruits. These are harvested by hand by experienced pickers. Harvesting machines can rarely be used in steep areas. And if they are, they damage the bushes and the coffee quality by tearing off leaves and branches. In addition, it is difficult for a machine to distinguish between ripe and unripe fruit. Specialty coffee producers therefore rely on manual labor.

After the coffee cherries are harvested, they are sorted and spread on cement patios for the Natural Method. On these, the beans dry in the pulp for 20 days. During this process, they are turned over several times to guarantee uniform quality. After that, the beans are released from the pulp and sent to us in Germany. Here, we gently roasted them in our drum roaster until the flavor profile really convinced us. When fully roasted, Paraiso II tastes of honeydew melon, milk chocolate and almonds.

About the Farm

Pedro Humberto Veloso is a coffee producer in Minas Gerais and has been in the business for over 45 years. Today, he runs several farms in the region with his daughter Mariana and son Pedro. Together, they provide jobs for nearly 500 permanent employees. They are responsible for all aspects of the farm, starting with the nurturing of new coffee seedlings and ending with the export of the green coffee. In between these steps, there is a lot to do - new processing methods are tried out and the finished beans are test roasted and tasted. The Velosos are constantly improving their coffee quality and you can taste it with every sip!

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