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8. December | Kachipapa SL28 - Sambia Filter

Biscuit, Rum, Maple Syrup

About the coffee

At Kachipapa Farm, 100% of the harvest is done by hand. Selective harvesting allows any under/over ripeness or defects to be removed. Within 5 hours of harvest, the cherries are fermented to break down any remaining fruit mucilage. The fruit is then washed before being dried in the sun until the optimal moisture content is reached (about 12%). We taste notes of brown sugar cookies, spiced rum and maple syrup.

About the farm

Kachipapa Farm is a 350-acre, family-owned coffee farm located just outside of Serenje, Zambia. The farm is located at an elevation of 1,450 meters above sea level. The coffee is grown on deep red sandy soils that offer high nutrient content and have good drainage. There are 40 hectares of "producing" coffee trees and 20 hectares of young coffee trees that are expected to produce their first harvests in two years.

All of the coffee is irrigated. Especially in the dry season, the family makes sure that the plants always get enough water. The climate in Serenje, Zambia, usually has a rainy season (November - April) and a dry season (May - October), with the hottest months being September to November. The average rainfall is about 1,200 mm per year. On the farm grows not only coffee but also macadamia trees.

One of the main goals of the Kachipapa farm is to improve the quality of life for the staff and the local community. So far, 25 new houses have been built for the farm's permanent staff and new clean water piping systems have recently been installed to provide clean water to the community. They are also able to fund the local school to hire teachers and provide medical assistance and malaria prevention to the local communities.

Grown with love by great farmers. 100% Arabica coffee, harvested when ripe and carefully processed. Sustainable and fairly traded.
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19grams Kaffeeadventskalender 8. Dezember Sambia

Bloody Good Advent

– For 8 delicious years

Zambia Kachipapa Farm Kaffeepflanze

To the coffee

Biscuit, Rum, Maple Syrup

Score: 86
Sweetness: 3/5 Apfelkuchen
Acidity: 3/5 Zitrusfrüchte
5/5 dick und sirupartig
3/5 erdig

Variety: SL28
Processing: Black Honey
Harvesting Year: 2021
Drying Time: je nach Wetter, Feuchtegrad wird stetig kontrolliert

Suggested brew recipe:
16g coffee, 250g water, medium grind setting, brewing time: 2,5 min

About the Coffee

Auf der Kachipapa-Farm erfolgt die Ernte zu 100% von Hand. Durch die selektive Ernte können etwaige Unter-/Überreifen oder Mängel entfernt werden. Innerhalb von 5 Stunden nach der Ernte werden die Kirschen fermentiert, um den verbleibenden Fruchtschleim abzubauen. Danach werden die Früchte gewaschen, bevor sie in der Sonne getrocknet werden, bis der optimale Feuchtigkeitsgehalt erreicht ist (etwa 12%).

Map Tanzania Souther Highlands

About the Farm

seit mehreren Jahren
Kachipapa Farm
Type of Farm:
family owned business

Region, Country: Serenje, ZM
1.500 masl
Soil type: sandige Böden
Fertilisation method: organic
Shadow Type: im Schatten gewachsen
Processing location:
on the farm
Number of varieties: several
Harvest season:
Apr - Sept

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