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6. Kachipapa SL28 – Zambia Filter

Brown Sugar Cookie, Spiced Rum, Maple Syrup

We taste notes of speculoos, spiced rum and maple syrup. This SL28 lot was processed using the Red Honey method. This means that during the drying process, so much pulp is left on the bean that the sticky mass that forms looks like red honey. The flavour profile has the sweetness of apple pie, a moderate citric acidity and an almost chewy body. In the finish, we taste rather earthy notes.


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Bloody Good Advent

– 8th Edition

Zambia Kachipapa Farm Birdview

Key info

Brown Sugar Cookie, Spiced Rum, Maple Syrup

Sweetness: 3/5 Apple pie
Acidity: 3/5 Citrus
5/5 Chewy
Finish: 3/5 Earthy

Variety: SL28
Processing: Red Honey
Harvest year: 2022
Drying time: Weather-dependent, with careful monitoring of moisture content

Suggested brew recipe:
1:16.5 (eg 15g coffee to 250g water) in about 2:30 to 3:30 minutes

About this coffee

At Kachipapa, harvesting is performed entirely by hand. By selectively picking the cherries, they can be captured at their ripest, which keeps under or overripe cherries out of the harvest. Within five hours of being picked, the fresh, ripe coffee cherries are fermented, which breaks down the mucilage on the coffee seeds before they are washed, leaving just the seeds. They are then laid out to be dried in the sun, until they reach the desired moisture content of around 12%.

We taste notes of brown sugar, spiced rum and maple syrup.

Map Zambia

The farm | Kachipapa Farm

Kachipapa Farm is a 350 hectare family-run farm located just outside Serenje in Zambia. At an altitude of 1450 meters above sea level, the coffee is grown in deep red soils that are rich in nutrients and provide good drainage. There are 40 hectares of producing coffee trees and a further 20 hectares with younger trees that will start producing their first harvest in about two years time.

The sweltering conditions mean that the entire farm needs to be irrigated. The family pays particular attention to ensuring the trees are getting enough water in the dry season. The local climate has a wet season from November to April, and a dry season from May to October, though the hottest months are from September until November. Each year, the region sees about 1200 mm of precipitation. Besides coffee, macadamia is also grown on the farm.

One of the key aims of the Kachipapa farm is to improve the quality of life of their employees and the local region. Thus far, they've built 25 new houses for permanent staff, as well as a new plumbing system that provides clean water to the surrounding areas. They've also been able to finance the local school, enabling more teachers to be employed, as well as supplying medical aid and Malaria prevention measures to the local authorities.

Several years
Kachipapa Farm
Type of farm:
Family-run farm

Region, Country: Serenje, Zambia
1500 masl
Soil type: Sandy soil
Fertilisation method: Organic
Shade type: Shade grown
Processing location:
On the farm
Number of varieties: Various
Harvest season:

Der 19grams Kaffee Adventskalender 2022 für Espresso und Filter

Bloody Good Filter

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