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23. El Suspiro – Nicaragua Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Honey

This is the first time we've roasted a coffee from the Finca El Susprio, one of the farms of our partners at the Fincas Mierisch. It's a nutty espresso that displays many classic Nicaraguan characteristics, with a chocolatey sweetness, a delicate, pear-like acidity and a nutty body and finish. 


Grown with love by great farmers. 100% arabica coffee, picked when it's ripe, processed with care, and fairly traded.


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Bloody Good Advent

– 9th Edition

El Suspiro Farmer

About the Coffee

Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut, Honey

Score: 86
Sweetness: 3/5 Milk Chocolate
Acidity: 2/5 Delicate Pear
3/5 Nutty
2/5 Nutty

Variety: Orange Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Harvesting Year: 2021/22
Drying Time: Weather dependent

Suggested brew recipe:
1:2.5 (eg 19g coffee to 47.5g espresso yield) in 30-35 seconds

About this coffee

This coffee is the result of a natural mutation of the Red Bourbon variety in Nicaragua, which yielded coffee cherries with a lighter orange colour. The yield of this sub-species is somewhat smaller, but it's a fantastically aromatic coffee, with notes of chocolate, nuts and honey. It has a chocolatey sweetness and a gentle pear-like acidity, that wonderfully balances the nutty body and finish.

Map Nicaragua

The farm | Finca El Susprio

The smallest of the Fincas Mierisch, a group of farms in Nicaragua and Honduras run by the Mierisch Family for over 100 years.

Direct Trade
Jaime Sevilla
Type of farm:
Family-run farms

Region, Country: Matagalpa , Nicaragua
1400 masl
Soil type: Fertile soils
Fertilisation method: organic
Shade type: Shade grown
Processing location:
On the farm
Number of varieties: 6: Orange & Red Bourbon, Red Catuai, Caturra, very few Javanica and Gesha.
Harvest season:

Cup of Excellence

About the farm

The Finca El Susprio is the smallest of the Mierisch Family's farms, located in the famous Matagalpa region in Nicaragua. The family has been in the coffee business since 1908, and over the last couple of decades they've been placing an emphasis on producing higher quality coffees in smaller lots.

They've invested in new varieties, techniques, processing methods and employee education, investments that have payed off. Several wins at the Cup of Excellence and a local reputation for being an ecologically and social responsible producer have seen their business booming.

Espresso läuft durch Siebträger in 19grams Tasse

Bloody Good Espresso

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