20. December | Seleción Yajalon - Mexiko Espresso

What you should know about this coffee


Do you taste the full, creamy body and the velvety mouthfeel?

Recommended brewing ratio

1:2 ratio, 19gr coffee für 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 secs.

Coffee from Mexico

About the coffee

This coffee comes from small farmers in Yajalón, Mexico. Mexico is currently one of the ten largest coffee producers in the world. The country produces a wide range of coffee varieties in its regions.

The cherries are picked when ripe, de-pulped and fermented between 12-17 hours, washed and then dried in the sun on the farmers' farms.

While testing the coffee, we realized that this one has more than earned its place in the Advent calendar: We at 19grams taste a full-bodied cup with notes of fruity orange, sweet cookie and a creamy chocolatey finish in the mouth.

About the farm

Organic farming at Yajalon is done in the semi-shade of native tree species. As an organic producer group, cherry coffee pulp, dry leaves and wood ash are used as fertilizers. The Tulijá Tzeltal Cholhat region has high biodiversity with native fauna including hummingbirds, anteaters, ocelots and saraguatos (black howler monkeys). Cajpe (coffee in the Tzeltal language) is the main economic activity in the communities and represents the community's main link to international markets. Coffee is the main source of income here, but is often grown along with staple crops such as corn, beans and hot chilies.

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