16. December | Little Flower - India Capsule

What you should know about this coffee


Recommended brewing ratio

We recommend using the lungo function on your pod machine.

Coffee from Indonesien

About the coffee

AA Karnataka is wonderfully flavorful coffee from the Chikmagalur district in southwestern India, a region that was once part of the Kingdom of Mysore. Coffee in this region is grown in harmony with nature under the naturally given shade of forest trees. In addition to the coffee trees, spices such as pepper, vanilla and various types of nuts grow here. The Bourbon trees of our AA Karnataka grow at an altitude of 1200 meters. After harvesting, they are washed and processed. The AA Karnataka has rather large beans, which later develop a strong and spicy character in the cup.

We taste warm notes of hazelnut and almond, but also sweet raisin out.

About the farm

Like many other coffee growing countries, India uses a size-based grading system, from AAA (the largest) to AA, A and also PB (Peaberry). Traditionally, it is said that the larger the bean, the higher the quality, but with the development of specialty coffee, the industry has realized that this is not true.

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