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14. December | Wugar Kanyenye Coop - Uganda Capsule

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An SL28 with a complex flavour profile. Fruity acids are dominant.

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We recommend the lungo button on your pod machine.

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About the coffee

The farmers of the Wugar Kanyenye Cooperative grow their coffee in Uganda at an altitude of 1800 metres. Coffee from Uganda has a strong flavour of its own that sets it apart from the somewhat less intense coffees from its neighbouring countries. This coffee is a washed SL28 variety that stands out especially for its broad leaves with copper-coloured tips, large beans as well as an exceptionally complex flavour profile with a very high quality.

The cherries are sorted before they are pitted. They are then fermented for 12 to 18 hours before being washed. After, they are then left to dry on drying tables for 8- 21 days and turned regularly to prevent them from fermenting too much or rotting.

The slightly tart stone fruit meets sweet white chocolate and is accompanied by a bitter note from the green tea.

About the farm

The Kanyenze People's Cooperative is a primary established cooperative that is fully owned by its members. What is special about this community is that of the total 1705 members, 1023 are female. We of course want to support this women power!!!

The Cooperative was established to help farming communities that have been marginalised due to war, poverty and location in the past. The cooperative's activities focus on providing sustainable financial services and capacity building for the economically disadvantaged. Kanyenze People's Cooperative is committed to improving the living standards of the rural poor and ensuring that they actively participate in the economic, social and political development of the district.

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