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13. December | Kigeri - Burundi Kapsel

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Great acidity in the cup - a coffee from Burundi.

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We recommend using the lungo button of your pod machine.

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About the coffee

Burundi is a small country in East Africa. Crossed by a plateau, it offers ideal growing conditions for Arabica coffee. Fertile and mineral-rich volcanic rock soils and a tropical, humid climate are perfect conditions for the slow and gentle ripening of the coffee cherries. This coffee is a washed coffee that has been dried on raised beds for 20-25 days.

The Red Bourbon variety has a light body with the acidity of green apple, fruity notes of red currant, Ceylon tea in the finish.

About the farm

The Izuba Wash Station is located near a river near Kayanza Province in Burundi, which provides an important source of fresh water for coffee processing. Where possible, the station offers bonuses not only to the farmers but also to the staff. After the coffee is processed, the coffee residues are turned into a natural fertiliser and distributed to local farmers to add nutrients to their soils. The Izuba washing station buys the cherries from smallholder farmers in the region and processes them into washed, honey, and natural coffee.

Through the processing stations, farmers are guaranteed prices and the value of the coffee is guaranteed through careful quality control. This ensures the highest quality coffee for the consumer and the greatest profitability for the farmers.

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