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12. December | Cafe des Mamas - Rwanda Capsule

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We recommend using the lungo button on your pod machine.

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About the coffee
This coffee comes from a coffee farm in the north of Rwanda that is run by women and is committed to women's education. Not only in the coffee world, but also politically, the East African country is at the forefront, with 61.3 percent women in national parliaments. The Red Bourbon variety has been processed naturally, allowing the coffee beans to completely absolve the fruity and sweet aroma of the fruit. We taste notes of blueberries, rhubarb and black tea. When you drink this coffee, you will taste it, the African woman power.

About the farm

Café des Mamas is grown and processed in Rwanda by Agnes Mukamushinja and her team at the Nova Washing Station.

What many are unaware of is that the coffee industry is a women's business. The women tend to work behind the scenes as pickers, sorters, farmers - therefore, they do the really hard work. Agnes Mukamushinja has been the owner of Nova since 2013. She puts special focus on the quality of the coffee and the working conditions of her employees. With each year, Agnes becomes more successful with this model and develops more independence for herself and her team at the Nova Washing Station.

Agnes is convinced that women are as capable of running excellent farms. "Once the ladies are well off, the whole nation is well off!

Agnes also supports her female employees outside of the coffee business. She teaches them how to tailor so that everyone is taken care of in the low season. She pays for treatment costs and provides electricity and water for neighbouring houses. You can find out more about the project on the  Nova Coffee website. 

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