Coffee with Purpose: Saving Wildlife and Restoring Balance

In the quest for our daily cup of coffee, we often overlook the devastating consequences it has on our planet. Severe deforestation driven by coffee production threatens the habitats of precious wildlife, including orangutans, elephants, monkeys, and countless other species with nowhere else to go. In the pursuit of profit, conservation takes a backseat in many coffee-producing regions, leading to the loss of vital ecosystems. In Sumatra - one of the biggest coffee producers in the world - only twenty percent of the island’s original rainforest remains. This has proved utterly devastating to the native orangutan population. They are now a critically endangered species, thanks to our lust for coffee.

The Orang Utan Project was established with a clear objective: to counter the harmful effects of coffee production on Sumatra's environment. By focusing on Sumatra, where the orangutan population has been hit hardest, this project aims to make a significant impact. For every kilogram of Orang Utan Project Coffee sold, 0.50€ goes directly to supporting local farmers, while another 0.50€ is donated to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Project (SOCP).
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But the end is not so near that we cannot still effect change. Together we can help stem the tide, and save the monkeys. By supporting the Orang Utan Project, you can be part of a movement that safeguards the rainforests and ensures the survival of our fellow primates.

Orangutan close up
By recognizing the delicate balance of our planet's ecosystem, we empower ourselves to make a difference, one cup of Orang Utan coffee at a time. Your choice to support the Orang Utan Project not only ensures the survival of orangutans but also contributes to the broader mission of rainforest conservation. With each sip of our purposeful coffee, you become an agent of change, preserving wildlife and helping restore harmony to our world. Together, we can save our planet, one species at a time.