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With whom do you ship in Germany?
We ship with DHL and DPD - simply select in the checkout, which shipping service provider you prefer and we send your package out accordingly.

Please note: Do you have a Packstation, then you must necessarily select DHL. We can not send your shipment otherwise.

My package has not arrived, what can I do?
Please first check the tracking, which you get from us via email. If this does not help, write us an email to info@19grams.coffee and we try to help as soon as possible.

My tracking does not update, what can I do?
Please write us an email to info@19grams.coffee and have some patience. We can certainly solve your problem quickly.

Which countries do you ship to?
Details about shipping and the individual countries can be found under Shipping.

When will my shipment be delivered within Germany?
Your shipment should be within 3-4 business days with you.

When will my delivery be delivered in Europe?
We can not guarantee an exact delivery time throughout Europe. Your delivery should be with you within a week, depending on where you live.

When will my delivery be delivered worldwide?
Worldwide delivery times can vary significantly depending on where you live.

Please note:Due to the worldwide corona pandemic, there are still delays in the delivery of packages.

Why are there delays due to the covid-19 pandemic?
Unfortunately, there is still less capacity on the planes of the shipping service providers we trust. Therefore, shipping may still be delayed.


What are my options to pay my order?
You can find an overview of payment options on this page.

How can I change or cancel an order?
Please email us at info@19grams.coffee, we will help you.


What are my advantages with the coffee subscription?
Quite simply get the coffee of your choice (or our choice) delivered to your doorstep, when you want and as much as you want! Without minimum term and cancelable at any time.

How can I subscribe?
Please go to the page of our coffee subscription and choose what suits you best.

Is there a minimum order value in the coffee subscription?
A bag of coffee, your subscription should contain at least. Upwards we have no limits! :)

How long does a coffee subscription?
Solange as you want. You can cancel at any time without problems.

Can I give away a subscription?
Of course! Just enter under 2. invoice and shipping, the address of the recipient and you have the perfect gift for every coffee enthusiast.

Can I change my address?
At the moment you can not yet change your address via the customer account, but we are already working on it, that this is possible soon. Please write to us at info@19grams.coffee to notify us of a change of address.

How do I change my subscription?
Log into your customer account on our website. Here you can see past orders and current/past subscriptions. You can make changes. If you want to get other coffee, please write us at info@19grams.coffee.

Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can. Just log in with your email address and password, and change your current subscription. You can also resume your subscription at any time.

I need to stop my subscription, how to do that?
Pause or cancel your subscription via your customer account. Simply log in with your email address and password on our website. Make the desired changes - done!

What are the shipping costs for subscription customers?
The shipping costs are € 2.90 (DPD) or € 3.90 (DHL) for the first delivery, then the delivery to Germany is free.

How do I find my access data?
The access data to your customer account for our webshop are the email address that you specified during your last purchase and a password chosen by you.

I have forgotten my password. How do I get to my account?
You can easily use the forgotten password function to set a new password for your account.


My coffee bag has opened on the way, what can I do?
Please send us an email immediately - gladly with pictures - and we will take care of a replacement.

How do I complain about a shipment?
You want to return your coffee? Then please read the instructions on the Returns page.


I have a voucher - how can I redeem it?
You can redeem a voucher code simply in the checkout - just enter it in the discount field and you're done! :)

Can I combine a coupon code with a discount code?
No, unfortunately you have to choose one.

What advantages do I have as a newsletter subscriber?
As a newsletter subscriber you get exclusively all info as first, but also exclusive discount codes and MORE! It's worth it, I promise!

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
You can unsubscribe in any email via the "unsubscribe" button.

My coupon code no longer works, what can I do?
Each code is only redeemable once. However, if you are sure that you have not used your code yet, please email us at info@19grams.coffee and we will take care of the technical details.


What's the best way to store coffee?
It's best to leave the coffee in its original packaging. The resealable bag with the valve ensures the optimal conditions of the coffee and that the coffee retains its flavors for a particularly long time.

In this article we have collected a few more good tips for storing coffee.

Can coffee expire?
Coffee can at least lose its flavors. Therefore, we recommend that you use it up no later than 9 months after the roasting date. After that, you can still drink it without further ado, but it will no longer taste as intense.

When was my coffee roasted?
The roasting date is on the back of your coffee bag. We roast fresh for you every week.

Which coffee do I use for my fully automatic machine?
We recommend you to use the coffee from our fully automatic set. But you can also use any other espresso. We advise against filters, because the short contact time with the coffee powder causes the coffee to develop many acids. With our espressos you are in any case on the safe side in terms of taste.

How do I find out which coffee I like?
Do you already know our coffee quiz - here you are asked the right questions!

How do you roast your coffee?
Here you can learn all about the gentle drum roasting and how we get our coffees so tasty.

More questions about coffee? Then check out our blog. There we answer many more exciting questions around the world the Specialty Coffee around.


How do I use the V60?

In our guide to making a V60, you'll learn all the tips & tricks.

How do I use a Chemex?

Read in our blog how to prepare a Chemex optimally.

What is the best preparation method for beginners?
The best method for perfect coffee preparation is the French press. Success guaranteed. Read in our Frenchpress Brewguide how to make the best of it.

How do I make a Frenchpress right?
Read it now in our Frenchpress Brewguide.

How does an AeroPress work?
How to do it easily, read the instructions.

How do I use an Italian espresso maker (Bialetti / Stovetop) correctly?
Read about it in our recipe.


Espresso Coffee Advent Calendar

How much coffee is included in the Advent Calendar?
The Advent Calendar consists of 24 x 50g coffee.

Is there in the Advent Calendar Edition 2020 again Cascara (tea from coffee cherries)?
No, do not worry, this year we have limited ourselves to outstanding coffees. ;)

What material are the cans made of?
These cans are made of 100% aluminum and are easy to reuse for anything at home.

I have a fully automatic machine, which advent calendar is best for me?
For a fully automatic machine, the espresso roast is best. A lighter filter coffee roasting would develop many acids in the cup due to the extremely short brewing time of about 30 seconds, and not taste so good.

How do I know which coffee is in the can?
Under each can is some brief explanations about the respective coffee. Sign up for our Daily Advent Coffee Update, you get detailed background knowledge, Brewguides and many tips & tricks directly to your inbox. To sign up, click here.

Can I have the Advent Calendar also ground?
Yes, simply select in the product and get pre-ground. For the optimal taste experience, we always recommend freshly ground. In the Advent Calendar Mill Bundle's the mill is almost free.

Can I order the Advent Calendar online and pick up from one of your stores?
No - due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can guarantee you exclusively by mail the timely delivery.

Filter Coffee Advent Calendar

How much water do I need to brew a can?
Basically, we recommend 60g of coffee to 1L of water. You can find the step-by-step instructions via the link. Just adjust your recipe to your taste.