The VW Coffee Advent Calendar - 1 December

Cerro Azul - Panama

The flavour profile of Panamanian coffees is often described as clean, balanced and delicate with a subtle sweetness. La Gloria Estate does not compromise on quality when it comes to growing conditions and processing. The coffee therefore consistently produces excellent quality. Access to natural spring water and plenty of rainfall are important factors in the outstanding flavours that the Panama beans develop. Finca La Gloria, where the 1st of December coffee was grown, benefits from continuous fog and cooler temperatures, which slows down the ripening process of the coffee cherries. As a result, the aromas are developed more slowly. This creates a very clean, rich and full-bodied cup with fairly low acidity, we taste notes of vanilla, pear and almond.

About the farm

Finca La Gloria was registered as an agricultural farm in 1904 by which time 12 hectares were planted with coffee. Typica (80 percent), Caturra (19 percent) and Geisha (1 percent) are grown on La Gloria, which is owned by Noberto Suarez and located next to Finca Hortigal - the farm of Noberto's older sister, Eira Maria Suarez. The farm is located in the highlands of Boquete - a town known for its speciality coffee. It includes majestic rocky mountains, native vegetation, streams, 12-foot tall native shade trees, diverse birdlife and views of Mount Horqueta and Volcano Baru - the two highest points in Panama.