Coffee Club - Coffee Line-Up

You want to know which coffee you'll get in the coffee subscription? From now on you can get the planned line-up here:


Dezember: Shantawene Natural Espresso + Sonora SL28 Filter

Januar: El Angel Espresso + Guatemala La Bolsa Filter

Februar: Sambia Yellow Honey Espresso + Cafè des Mamas Filter

März: Samii Chelbesa Espresso + Migu Washed Filter

April: Migu Washed Espresso + Migu Natural Filter

Mai: Migu Natural Espresso + Shantawene Bombe Filter

Juni: Nyakabugi Washed Espresso + Nyakabugi Washed Filter

Juli: La Toma Castillo Washed Espresso + La Toma Castillo Washed Filter

August: La Granada Pink Bourbon Espresso + La Granada Pink Bourbon Filter

September: Simbi Natural Espresso + Simbi Natural Filter

Oktober: Finca Morelia Honey Espresso + Finca Morelia Honey Filter

Oktober / November: Iyego AB Espresso + Iyego AB Filter

November / Dezember: Bombe Natural Espresso + Bombe Natural Filter

Dezember / Januar: Sonora Caturra Espresso + Sonora Caturra Filter