19grams Coffee Advent Calendar

The 2021 edition Now available!

Your 19grams Coffee Advent Calendar

Waiting for Christmas becomes a pleasure with the 19grams Coffee Advent Calendar: 24 days - 24 coffee countries - 24 different single origin coffees as espresso or filter roast, which accompany every coffee expert- or those who still want to become one - through Advent.

In our 19grams Coffee Advent Calendar, we bring together this year 24 remarkable Arabica coffees from 24 different growing regions in 24 small cans and a beautifully designed box. The 19grams Advent Calendar gives coffee lovers an insight into the many facets of this exciting specialty coffee and shows its exciting variety of flavours.

The roast profiles of the individual coffees are optimally matched to the respective preparation methods. Enjoy a balanced and flavourful coffee with your favourite brewing method every Advent day.

In the Advent Calendar Box, you'll also find information on the origin, processing, and flavour profile of each coffee.

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So, join us for a great coffee journey in December 2021!