Your office is so much more than just a working place.

We are 19grams Berlin. Our aim is to not only introduce your office to great tasting coffees, but to create tailor made solutions that benefit you, your staff and your company. With great tasting coffee comes great responsibility. This is not only true for the farmers, or for us as the coffee roastery but also for companies like yours that are looking for a more sustainable approach in all aspects of business.  

We want to make Specialty Coffee approachable and in doing so have sourced and roasted something for everyone. Whether you are after a more classic and traditional flavour or looking for something a little bit more special for your team, we are able to provide coffees for fair prices not only for you but for the coffee farmers.


At 19grams, we attach great importance to sustainability and the exchange with coffee farmers at eye level in order to build long-term, stable relationships with them and be a reliable partner for them. This guarantees our customers the highest possible quality and also improves production and living conditions in the growing regions. So with our coffee, your business becomes even more sustainable.

With our coffee offers for your office or company, we have only one goal: excellent coffee quality. We not only supply coffee but also fully automatic coffee machines, coffee makers, accessories and everything else that goes with it.

Your Benefits:
1. Taste
To ensure your office has the best tasting coffee(s) we source our beans from the best growing regions around the world. This means that there is always a diverse range of flavours available to you. We also offer bespoke roasting degrees enabling us to create customised coffee(s) for you and your office. 
2. Choose Your Coffee
Feel free to try any of our coffees from our current range. We are always happy to send samples allowing you the opportunity to find something that you really love. For companies ordering in large volumes we are able to source coffees especially for you, direct from the farmer, further closing the gap between farmer and consumer. 
3. Ordering and Delivery
We make ordering simple. Either send us an email to with the coffees you want and when you want them, or set up a standing order to receive your coffee on set dates; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. For international shipments we use DHL and for orders over 10KG shipping is free.
4. Programming Your Machine(s)
It’s important that you find the right machine parameters to suit your office environment. Whether it be finding the perfect dose, grind size, coffee yield or flavour, we are only a phone call away and have a lot of experience with many full automatic, filter and espresso machines.
5. After Service
We prefer having open communication with all our wholesale partners, rather than locking you into long term contracts. If something is not to your liking or expectation, we want to know about it so that we can act on it fast and find the best solution for both parties. For us, sales and customer care don’t just stop after your first delivery.

Just try our Coffees:
Sonora Villalobos

Cherry, Orange, Chocolate

From 13,90
55,60 / Kg

Wild At Heart

Caramel, Strawberry, Chocolate

From 9,90
39,60 / Kg