Coffee from Costa Rica

    Despite the fact that Costa Rica has been cultivating coffee for almost 250 years, it is considered a relatively young coffee growing country. It has long been characterized by its easy to grow coffees, which have been used mainly in the commercial coffee industry. In recent years, however, the coffee industry has changed rapidly and Costa Rica is now one of the best and most demanding coffee countries in the world, achieving the highest yields per hectare. With less than 5 million inhabitants, there are about 400 million coffee plants.

    The move towards the Specialty Market was inevitable for Costa Rica due to its strict water regulations and environmental protection requirements for coffee cultivation and other social requirements. For example coffee pickers not only receive food and lodging, but also medical care, which is not common in many coffee-growing countries and would otherwise be unaffordable.

    Our Costa Rica coffees

    Our Costa Rica coffees are all SHB (strictly hard beans). SHB denotes the highest quality level of coffee beans in this region. We have been directly importing coffees from Costa Rica for over 15 years, building strong working relationships with farmers that have now become very good friends to us with regular visits made by both sides. This long term friendship has improved the quality of coffee, not only because of their climatic conditions, but also from the support and knowledge we share with each other.