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We make Specialty Coffee approachable for your company!
We want to make Specialty Coffee approachable and in doing so have sourced and roasted something for everyone. Whether you are after a more classic and traditional flavour or looking for something a little bit more special for your team, we are able to provide coffees for fair prices not only for you but for the coffee farmers.

The coffee subscription for offices and companies! With this subscription service you get fresh coffee delivered for your company. Tailored to the needs of your team. These are your benefits:

- Make your company more attractive to young talents by offering them the best coffee.
- With the right composition of your office coffee subscription, you'll never run out of coffee again!
- With high quality, sustainably grown coffee, you improve the value of your business.
- You save time and money: with your coffee subscription, you can save yourself a trip to the supermarket and use the time you save to grow your business. 
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers - FAQ's

What is the company coffee subscription?
With the 19grams corporate coffee subscription, you get the best coffee delivered to your (home) office. This saves you the hassle of going to the supermarket, you can easily manage your bills online and make your office even more sustainable with our coffee!

What advantages do I have as an office team?
Top quality coffee at better prices. What could be better? Simply make changes in your online profile and adjust your consumption, for example. Effective immediately!

Who is the company coffee subscription suitable for?
The Corporate Coffee Subscription is perfect for all offices that consume between 2kg and 10kg of coffee per month.

You consume over 10kg a month?
Email and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

How much can I save as an office with the corporate coffee subscription?
You can save up to 30% on our coffee price as a small business, and permanently! You also save on queues at the supermarket: time in which you can put your business ahead.

What coffee do I get?

Our roasting team has selected coffees for our Fimenkaffee subscription that not only taste particularly good, but are also easy to adjust and prepare in your machine. If you want to change your coffee, you can easily do so in your customer account.

Do I need a customer account for the coffee subscription?
Yes, you need a customer account for the subscription, but don't worry, it's very easy to create one!

I have just signed up for the subscription. When will I get my first delivery?
Great! Your first coffee delivery will arrive on the next selected delivery day. For example, if you chose Wednesday, your first coffee will arrive next Wednesday!

We have company holidays. Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, in your customer profile you can send your subscription on holiday and resume it when you get back!

Can I have my coffee subscription delivered abroad?

Unfortunately, at the moment the subscription is only available in Germany.

Is there a minimum order quantity?
The company coffee subscription is suitable for all small offices that consume 2kg or more of coffee or about 300 capsules.

Is there a minimum term?

No, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

How can I cancel my coffee subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time either via your customer profile or by sending an email to - we will miss you.

*only shipping in Germany