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6. December | Finca Morelia - Colombia Filter

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An exciting example of a fermented coffee with wonderful flavours.

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1:2, 19gr coffee for 40gr espresso, brewing time: 30-35 seconds.

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About the coffee

This coffee comes from the same farm, Finca Morelia, but is based on a different variety: the Colombia variety.
This lot is 'white-honey-processed'. This means that the cherries are pulped and washed as in the 'red- and yellow-processed' method. The washing is more intense in this process so that even less Mucilago sticks to the beans at the end before they are placed in the sun to dry.
As a result, the beans show little or no discoloration and remain white even after drying. Thanks to this special process, a wonderful flavor combination of white chocolate, red grape and soft almond is created.

About the farm

Farmer Miller Walles Cruz decided 15 years ago to grow coffee instead of sugar cane.

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