Costa Rica - Sonora Geisha Natural
Single Use Coffee Dripper
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    Alajuela, Grecia, Central Valley - COSTA RICA

    Mango, Passion Fruit, Honey
    Brewing Method
    Filter Coffee
    Intense fruit flavours, longlasting sweet aftertaste
    Natural processed and sun dried
    1300 masl
    Farmer name
    Diego Guardìa
    Farm name
    Hacienda Sonora
    Farm size
    80 hectares
    Age of farm
    50 years
    Producer type
    Family Business
    Harvest year
    Harvest time
    Jan - April
    Soil type
    Vulcanic Soil
    Shade type
    Shade grown
    Other varieties planted on farm
    Caturra, Catuaì amarillo and more
    Length of relationship
    several years
    About this coffee

    The Must-Have in your Survival Kit for the (Urban) Jungle: Just moved in to your new apartment and forgot which box your brewing equipment is in? Or no equipment at home at all? But you still want the best coffee in your cup! With our Once Coffee Drippers, you can brew yourself a cup of coffee wherever you are: Easy in the hotel, on the road in your tent, on your bike or at home.

    The 19grams Single Use Drippers come with two of our best coffees: Sonora Geisha Natural and Don Martin Geisha Enano! Take the opportunity to enjoy outstanding coffee in a small quantity without having to buy a whole bag.

    Sonora Geisha Natural

    This unique Geisha coffee from the Hacienda Sonora has been processed as 'natural', which makes the coffee especially exciting. "Intense" is the best way to describe this coffee.

    Intense tropical aromas, intense fruity mango taste and intense syrupy body. This geisha coffee is a full flavour explosion - it practically jumps out of the cup. With notes of passion fruit and honey it has a persistent sweetness.

    Natural' means that the fully ripe coffee cherries are spread out on the patio after harvesting with their skin, including their pulp, dried by the sun and then sculptured. During this process, the coffee beans absorb the full sweetness of the fruit.

    The recipe can be downloaded here.
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